Framed Vintage Print 'Clitopilus Prunulus'

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A genuine vintage framed French botanical print depicting Clitopilus prunulus, commonly known as the miller or the sweetbread mushroom, an edible pink-spored basidiomycete mushroom found in grasslands in Europe and North America, an educational print which will add a touch of nostalgia to your home.

This print was used in French schools and was part of a boxset of vintage prints which were used in the biology lessons. This print depicts the Clitopilus prunulus. The details are beautiful and the language on the print is French. On the back of the print there is a full explanation and description of the illustrated mushroom in French.

This handmade plate was screen-printed in 1963 and we have one in stock.

made from:

The print is thick paper and the frame is made of a Polcore Moulding with an inprint pattern on the frame.


Size of the frame: Height: 35.5cm, Width: 27cm, Depth: 1.5cm