Terrarium, double bubble candy coral

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A delicate handblown glass double ball vase with 2 baby marimo moss balls and a collection of small shells, creating a lovely terrarium.

The marimo moss ball originally comes  from Japan and is known to bring good luck to it's recipient. The ball is round as it rolls on the bottom of the lake with the tides and is a well know Japanese good luck token. This terrarium kit includes all that you need to create your own double terrarium world and a guide on how to put it together. The shells are white nassa shells, there is a pencil sea urchin quill for each bubble and there are some small mirror nuggets included to reflect the water in the bubble.

The marimo moss balls in the pictures are tiny ones, they will grow over time, part of the joy of having a living good luck token. 

The kit is packaged in a linen drawstring bag, perfect for easy gifting.


Size: H9cm x W16cm x D8cm