Terrarium, Sea Fan And Moss

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A delicate handblown glass mini terrarium with a mini marimo moss ball, Sea Fan and a collection of small shells, creating a miniature world.

The small moss ball is formed as it rolls on the bottom of the lake with the tides and is considered to be a good luck token in Japan, bringing you good fortune if kept healthy. There is a small branch of Sea Fan in the vase giving an almost alien appearance to the terrarium.

Sea fan comes in different colours and each time we will update the listing with the current colour in stock as it is a natural material. the current sea fan we have is black.

A great gift for a friend who is moving house, or perhaps for dad for fathers day to take pride position on his desk.

You will receive the handblown vase, a mini marimo moss ball, shells and a small branch of sea fan. All you need to do is add water and put the shells in the vase together with the moss.

The marimo moss balls in the pictures are tiny ones, they will grow over time, part of the joy of having a living good luck token.

made from:

The vase is handblown and has three little feet that keep it well balanced.

The shells are Mitra Sanuisuga.

To care for your mini terrarium, please refresh the water every 1 to 2 weeks and keep the terrarium out of the sun. When the water is refreshed you will see the moss ball float up and down, soaking in the fresh water.


Terrarium: H 9 x W 8 x D 8cm