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Quick View Glass Bell Tall

Glass Bell Tall

A gorgeous hand blown glass bell with a white ceramic base, perfect to protect your garden plants or create a miniature garden inside. This is a truly stunning addition to any interior or garden. The glass bell can be lifted off the base for easy access...
Quick View Lemon Vase Handblown Glass

Lemon Vase Handblown Glass

A lovely handblown glass vase in a lemon shape. This cute little handblown vase is perfect for showing off tiny blooms and the three little feet underneath the Lemon vase give it a fun and quirky look. A lovely and versatile gift for any style of...
Quick View Tulip Vase, White

Tulip Vase, White

A beautifully designed Ceramic Vase with sculpted retro detailing. This lovely vase is a great way of displaying a bouquet of flowers in a stunning and different way. With one large opening with a sculpted edge and 5 smaller flower tubes, this vase is a...
Quick View Glass Vase Pear

Glass Vase Pear

A lovely glass handblown vase vormed in the shape of a pear, with stalk and all. Perfect for displaying a small bloom or leaves. Put it on your desk for little bits and bobs (some lovely coloured candy beans) or display a mini wreath of lavender twigs. A...
Quick View Lightbulb, Glass Hanging Vase

Lightbulb, Glass Hanging Vase

Have a light bulb moment (pardon the pun) and put little love notes in the vase to the recipient or add some shells found on the beach on a nice sunday walk. This vase is hand blown and each one is slightly different from the next, as to be expected...
Quick View Terrarium, Hand Blown ball vase

Terrarium, Hand Blown ball vase

A delicate handblown glass ball vase with a baby marimo moss ball and a collection of small shells, creating a lovely terrarium. The marimo moss ball comes originally from Japan and is known to bring good luck if kept happy and healthy. The ball is...
Quick View Glass Hanging LightBulb Vase

Glass Hanging LightBulb Vase

A stunning hanging lightbulb vase, handblown, perfect for displaying a single garden bloom or christmas decoration in your home. Perfect for that lightbulb moment! Hang a single vase in the window or group together the bulbs, suspended from the ceiling...
Quick View Hand Blown Glass Heart Vase

Hand Blown Glass Heart Vase

This delicate handblown heart vase will look amazing in any interior and is perfect for displaying a single flower or berry twig. Fill with glitter or a single fern stem for a fun effect. Each vase comes in a cotton drawstring bag for easy gifting and...
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